How it works

For each award, you can pick the nominee that you think you will win. The more you pick correctly, the more points you get. Super simple stuff.

When you sign up, you'll be able to chooose your own name, avatar, and victory message. These will appear on the leaderboard, and if you're good enough, on the show itself.


The top 10 players will have their name and avatar immortalized on the leaderboard. The first place winner will get their name, avatar, and victory message shown during the main show, and an opportunity to shitpost about how fucking predictable /v/ truly is.

To avoid people changing their votes in the award voting itself, there are no prizes of actual value.

Closing time

Your details (name, avatar and victory message) and picks will be locked 14 days before the stream is scheduled to air. This will give us time to determine the winner and add them into the show.

Boring shit
  • You'll need to sign in with Steam to participate (this is for authentication only, your Steam details will not be shown anywhere)
  • One entry per person (multiple accounts not permitted)