Production Team

Directed by Counter

Produced by Lamer Gamer

Voiced by Counter, Duke, John C. & Shuttah

Website by Segab & Clamburger

Developer contact handled by Anonymous & Lamer Gamer

Video Team

Graphics by Segab, Duke & Anonymous

Video production and editing by toad, dbraymz, Counter, shuttah, Segab & Anonymous

Credits by Ahch & shuttah

Writing Team

Writing and research by Lamer Gamer, Importuno, Ghmorello, GreenTeaCoffeeMadeByMe, Kazuchika Okada, Dr.J, Avex, Shuttah & Kurushi

Translations by Ahch & jorji

Audio Team

nostalgia junkie, MMaker, beat_shobon, Jab50yen, Succmarijuano, Fv.exe & Segab

Skits and Bumpers

"Japanese" "Humor" – Ricardo Milos
Boomer Rant – anonymous
the really short moon skit – most
Fallout: The Visual Novel – Hoffman
Dankest Dungeon – George
Ave MaREEEEa – shuttah
Persona 3.5 Recarbonated Teaser – PeanutButterFun/A Chicken Nugget
Cover Me Arthur – Neatoburrito
a message for /v/ – L.R.D.
To Vidya of 2017+1-1 – Blue Room Anon
life-changing-magic.mp4 – anonymous
Vidya Piracy – FierceDeityLink
Fallout 76 VR – FierceDeityLink
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Video Games – Anonymous
Mobile Esports – Alexsey
Fuck you you stupid fucking dog – Anonymous
*Krakku* – Duke
Trumpet Man – Lamer Gamer

/agdg/ Trailers

Underspace by Pastaspace Interactive
Bokube by BokuDev
SABAT Fight Arena by polinc games
Quadrantica by Cerebral Division
The Deep by neetdev
Sipho by All Parts Connected

Special Thanks


And most importantly, you!

>they contribute to a shitty online video game award show

>they take their jobs very seriously

>they do it for free